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About Us  
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Henan ShenmaChemical Co. Ltd. China SHENMA Group Nylon 66 Salt Co., Ltd, lies inside of high-technology developing zone in Pingdingshan Henan province, imported whole set of nylon 66 salt producing facilities & technology from Japan Asahi and nylon 66 polymer producing technology from Italy NOY. Up to now, it is the biggest nylon 66 manufacturer in China. The company put into production in June 1999, while its total space covers an area of 526,000 square meter, total assets around 3 billion RMB, year sales incomes 1 billion RMB. It owns design production capacity for nylon 66 salt 65000 t/a, nylon 66 polymer 17000 t/a, master batch 1000 t/a, refined hexamethylene diamine 20000 t/a, by-product cyclohexane 6100 t/a, heavy benzene 3500 tons/ years, sulphur 100 tons/ year. Besides, it could provide liquid intermediate products such as nitric acid, refined benzene, cyclohexene, cyclohexanol & hexamethylene diamine and gas products such as hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen etc.

Nylon 66 salt solution (50% wt) is the top product of Nylon 66 Salt Company, while each specification of salt solution reaches international standard and excels than similar domestic product. Its first-rate keeps 100% in several years.

Another top product of this company, nylon 66 polymer, possess scientific and flexible product combination. At the moment, the company could supply multi-viscosity and multi series finished product, which applied for different scope. It could provide particular polymer by special design according to the customers' exact demand.

Nylon 66 salt and nylon 66 polymer belong to the key products that should be developed according to national industry policy and the Tenth-five Plan. Since Shenma's product entered into market, it won recognition and better reputation by customers. Moreover, it took up big market share only in several years by reliable goods quality and unceasing improvement in product service. In 2001, the company passed ISO9001/2000 quality certificate test by China Import and Export Quality Certificate Center.

In order to speed up its developing step, Nylon 66 Salt Company of China Shenma Group follows the grow strategy as " expands center products, exploit intermediate product and vitalize national nylon 66 industry". On the base of digesting and absorbing imported technology, the company increased the production ability from 65000 t/a to 80000 t/a in around two years through technique reform and innovation.

The company always insist on the basic principle as that " reputation is the first, client is the supreme". Furthermore, it treats client's benefit as its final target. The company will innovate and exploit continuously to win more success together with its customers in the way of providing superior product and service.

The company's quality policy:
Quality is a lifeline, and customer satisfaction is our standard.
The company's quality target:
Attains 100% first-rate nylon 66 salt solution. Try to become the national goods that exempt from examination for nylon 66 salt solution, dried adipic acid, refined hexamethylene diamine and nylon 66 polymer.
Service aim:
Customer's satisfaction is our unique standard.
Sales Dept. Tel: 0375-3989606
Customer service Tel: 0375-3989111

Add: Jianshe Middle Street 63#, Pingdingshan, Henan, China P.C:467000
Tel:+86-375-3921956 Fax:+86-375-3921100 E-mail: market@www.pauldrotter.com
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