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About Us  
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Shenma BCF Carpet Yarn Co.,Ltd Shenma BCF Carpet Yarn Co.,Ltd is a joint-venture set up by three sides,China Shenma Group, Xin Lun (HongKong) Co.,Ltd and China Chemical Fiber Co. This Company imported whole set of 90s level advanced equipment from Italy, France, Switzerland , year capacity for all kinds of BCF 6 & 66 carpet yarn 2000 tons.

Company name: Pingdingshan Shenma BCF Carpet Yarn Co., Ltd.
Company address: Jianshe Street 63#
Telephone: 0375-3937871
Fax: 0375-3933418
Post code: 467000

Add: Jianshe Middle Street 63#, Pingdingshan, Henan, China P.C:467000
Tel:+86-375-3921956 Fax:+86-375-3921100 E-mail: market@www.pauldrotter.com
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