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About Us  
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Pingdingshan Shenma Chemical Fiber Weaving Co., Ltd. Pingdingshan Shenma Chemical Fiber Weaving Co., Ltd. is a state-run sole corporation founded by China Shenma Group, with leading equipment and annual output of 4000 tons of industrial cloths and 9.6 million meters of civil tatting fabrics.

Our Chairman Nie Zipan and all the staffs on here give our regards to all our customers, and we thank fellow traders for caring and supporting our business.

Our idea is "Honest business, Keeping innovation, Cooperation and development, Mutual benefits", and " To be scrupulous about every detail, To strive for perfection, Making honest business, Customers satisfactions" is our quality policy. No matter present or future, your requirement will be the number one priority to us, we will try our best to offer you quality product and excellent service.

We sincerely thank you for your cooperation.

Chairman:Nie Zipan Telephone:13503571585

Add:Jianshe road(east), Pingdingshan, Henan province, China


Add: Jianshe Middle Street 63#, Pingdingshan, Henan, China P.C:467000
Tel:+86-375-3921956 Fax:+86-375-3921100 E-mail: market@www.pauldrotter.com
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