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About Us  
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Shanghai Shenma Flat Chafer Fabric Co., Ltd Shanghai Shenma Flat Chafer Fabric Co., Ltd. is a large-scale manufacturer of framework material of rubber tire, it was founded by China Shenma Group Co., Ltd.(holding company), Shanghai Tire Rubber ( Group ) Stock Co., Ltd. (shareholder) and Shanghai Petrochemical Stock Co., Ltd. ((shareholder) in 1989.

We are one of earliest manufacturers of polyester flat chafer fabric in China, all the main equipment were made and imported in 1990S.

At present, we mainly produce and sell 30 kinds of products, including nylon 66 cementdipping flat chafer fabric, nylon 6 cementdipping flat chafer fabric, common polyester flat chafer fabric and high-molding & low-shrinkage flat chafer fabric; Moreover, we are the material supplier of Shanghai Tire Rubber ( Group ) Stock Co., Ltd., one of biggest tire companies of China, our nylon 66 flat chafer fabric and high-molding & low-shrinkage flat chafer fabric are being used in the production of bias tyre and radial tyre; Besides, some of our products have been exported to Southeast Asia.

As the production and research base of Shenma Group on flat chafer fabric product, we have experienced researchers and technicians, and with the help of their hard-working, we now can annually develop several kinds of new products for meeting market demand. Meanwhile, all our products are marked with "Shenma" brand.

Quality and service are number one priority to us. Our polyester flat chafer fabric and nylon 66 flat chafer fabric have been assessed and approved as " new product " of city ; we got the certificate of ISO9002 quality system in February, 1998, and became the "Technical company" of Shanghai city in 1999. Up to now, we have got good market share and become more and more popular in our customers. We now are the best business partner of tire industry.

Telephone: 021-5726-0754, 5726-0003
Fax: 021-5726-0673
Add: 2000 # Banqiaolu, Jinshanwei, Jinshan, Shanghai, China
Postcode: 201512

Add: Jianshe Middle Street 63#, Pingdingshan, Henan, China P.C:467000
Tel:+86-375-3921956 Fax:+86-375-3921100 E-mail: market@www.pauldrotter.com
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