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About Us  
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Shenma Hotel Co., Ltd. Shenma Hotel Co., Ltd is a four star hotel invested by China Shenma Group Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong Zhong Qi International Co., Ltd.

There are not only 216 sets of standard, luxurious and president rooms, but also has business items as multi-function singing hall, KTV room, sauna, billiard room, bowls room, hairdressing place, extract goods market, business centre, conference room, Chinese and western dining hall, local typical dining hall, coffee room, starlight bar and wedding celebration center, Shenma travel agency, ceremony motorcade and so on. China and foreign guests would enjoy its overflow service because of its superior establishment, fresh environment and all-round service.

Tel:0375-2696666 2695555 (telephone exchange)
Address:Jianshe West Street, North 1#, Pingdingshan, Henan
Post code:467002

Add: Jianshe Middle Street 63#, Pingdingshan, Henan, China P.C:467000
Tel:+86-375-3921956 Fax:+86-375-3921100 E-mail: market@www.pauldrotter.com
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